Kirill Borzov

Hi, I'm Kirill and I help launch awesome products in a short term. I'm currently Product Manager at Mixbook and working on our new and outstanding mobile app. Check out the app we're building on the Appstore.

Since 2008 I breathe and leave in IT, started as a junior front-end engineer, and crawled my way to team lead, project manager, and eventually a Product Manager. I've had the luck to work on over 100 different interesting projects, recruited a dozen of awesome Senior Software engineers on a really competitive market, and right now practicing Discovering and launching awesome products and features for the customers.

You can find me participating at conferences, where I talk about product, design, management, engineering, and team collaboration.

Product Manager, Mixbook

In October 2020 with my friend Roman Gluck we've launched a mega-workshop "30 Projects in 30 Days".
We've gathered a team of 10 inspired people and helped them launch thirty different projects, from an entertaining Instagram profile with ideas to relax, to a website about beard grooming and chat-bots for picking the perfect glass of wine.
In my spare time I help other teams and launch small projects
I read about a book per week, and can suggest a few books for different topics including Product Management. Check me out on Goodreads, I often add reviews and recommendations there.
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About my work
I started my career by creating a website for my school around 2017 and since then I'm working in IT. I went through multiple stages of product development which gave me great insight into the processes, practices, software and web development, and launching successful or often not-so-successful products.

At work, I use Product Discovery principles from Marty Cagan that help me figure out the customer problems, validate them, and fail quickly. To be a better manager I follow the advice of Mark Horstman from the Management Tools.
I prefer giving the team all the tools and context for making the decisions and coming up with ideas and implementations. I love automation and efficiency and have a passion for making the business work with less input.

For the last three years, I'm practicing the Advantage model by Patrick Lencioni. If you've heard of the Five Dysfunctions of the Team – that's the book he wrote and the Advantage is a model that includes the Dysfunctions and a bunch of other amazing practices to build Healthy organizations. Want to learn more, let's get in touch!
"the Magical Power of Deadlines". Moldova Developer Conference, 2020
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