LitRPG Audiobook Rating
I've discovered the LitRPG genre a couple of years ago and have become a real fan. I listen to about 60 litRPG books per year and will be sharing my thoughts, rating and recommendations for audiobooks (and books) for LitRPG genre.
What is LitRPG?
LitRPG is short for a literary role-playing game, is a literary genre combining the conventions of RPGs with science-fiction and fantasy novels. The term appeared around 2013 and was popularized by Aleron Kong with his amazing series "The Land".

In LitRPG you would typically see game-like mechanics, such as levels, experience, skills, progression, notifications, and quests that play a significant part of the story. Genres that use only some of those mechanics are GameLit, Progression, or Isekai.
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